I. package pack‧age 1 [ˈpækɪdʒ] noun [countable]
1. TRANSPORT an amount of something or a number of things, packed together and wrapped up ready to be sent somewhere ; = PARCEL:

• The company delivers 300,000 packages overnight.

2. a small container with a set of things in it; = PACKET:

• Each package contains 4 AAA batteries.

3. a set of related things, services, or proposals that are sold or presented together:

• the best-selling desktop publishing package on the market

package of

• Interco is urging bondholders to accept a package of new securities.

• The company announced a package of cost-cutting measures.

4. HUMAN RESOURCES the pay and things such as holidays, pensions etc that you get with a particular job:

• an attractive financial package

ˈbenefits ˌpackage HUMAN RESOURCES
the total amount of pay and all the other advantages that an employee may receive such as bonuses, health insurance, a company car etc:

• The benefits package includes bonuses tied to the company's performance.

compenˈsation ˌpackage HUMAN RESOURCES
the total amount of pay and all the other advantages such as stock option S (= the right to buy the company's shares cheaply) that are offered to a company's important managers:

• The compensation package includes bonuses tied to the company's performance.

remuneˈration ˌpackage also ˈsalary ˌpackage , ˈpay ˌpackage HUMAN RESOURCES
HUMAN RESOURCES the pay offered to employees, along with any other advantages such as long holidays or a car:

• an excellent remuneration package and a profit-sharing scheme

• The position is generously rewarded, with a salary package that includes a company car, pension scheme, and mortgage subsidy.

ˈseverance ˌpackage HUMAN RESOURCES
an amount of money, and other advantages such as advice on finding a new job, that are offered to an employee when a company tells them to leave. Severance packages are often offered when companies are Restructuring (= reorganizing):

• 20 full-time employees will be offered a severance package or other job opportunities at Chevron.

  [m0] II. package package 2 verb [transitive]
1. TRANSPORT also package up to wrap or pack something so that it is ready to be sent somewhere:

• Many firms send components overseas to be packaged.

• materials for packaging food and consumer products

— packaged adjective :

• nutritional labeling on packaged food

• the Anglo-Dutch packaged goods giant Unilever

2. MARKETING to put goods or services together and sell them as a set :

• The company packaged the software with other IBM products.

3. MARKETING to prepare something for sale, especially by adding something to it or by making it more attractive to buyers:

• She built a video empire by packaging her own fitness routines and selling them to millions of Americans.

4. FINANCE if a financial institution packages loans, it buys the loans from lenders such as banks and uses the loans as backing for bonds. The financial institution uses the repayments on these loans to make payments to investors who buy the bonds. Money that the lenders get from the financial institution when it sells the bonds is used to make more loans to customers:

• As seller of the mortgages, American Mortage forwarded repayments to the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, which had bought the loans and packaged them into securities.

— see also asset-backed security security

* * *

package UK US /ˈpækɪdʒ/ noun [C]
(UK also parcel) COMMUNICATIONS an object or collection of objects wrapped in paper or other similar material and sent by mail, etc.: »

She's gone to collect a package from the post-room.


postage rates for letters and packages


This service enables you to track your package online.

US (UK packet) COMMERCE a small container in which objects are sold: »

a package of cookies/candy

HR, WORKPLACE the pay and other advantages that a company manager receives: »

The salary package offered for this position is a very tempting one.


She was offered an early-retirement package.

COMMERCE a collection of products or services that are supplied to the customer as a set: »

Our aim is to offer a comprehensive care package for the client.


The hotel enjoys an excellent reputation for the quality of its wedding packages, which are also very flexible.

IT a collection of computer programs that are supplied to the customer as a set : »

The company produces accountancy software packages for small businesses.


Many word-processing packages include useful extras such as a spelling checker, thesaurus, and mailing list management.

INFORMAL PACKAGE HOLIDAY(Cf. ↑package holiday)
See also BENEFIT(Cf. ↑benefit) noun, COMPENSATION PACKAGE(Cf. ↑compensation package), PAY PACKAGE(Cf. ↑pay package), REDUNDANCY PACKAGE(Cf. ↑redundancy package), REMUNERATION PACKAGE(Cf. ↑remuneration package), SALARY PACKAGE(Cf. ↑salary package), SEVERANCE PACKAGE(Cf. ↑severance package)
package UK US /ˈpækɪdʒ/ verb [T]
COMMERCE to wrap goods or put them into containers to be sold or sent somewhere: »

All orders received before 3pm are packaged and shipped the same day.


Small items have to be individually packaged to ensure safe delivery to the customer.

COMMERCE to put different goods and services together to sell as a set: package sth with sth »

The album is packaged with an informative booklet.

INFORMAL MARKETING to describe or show someone or something in a way that aims to make them seem more attractive: »

The facts are neatly packaged by our PR team before they go out to the public.

package yourself as sth »

They spent millions on packaging themselves as a responsible, caring company.

package yourself for sth »

There are books that advise you on how to package yourself for a top job.

FINANCE, STOCK MARKET to buy loans from other financial organizations and sell them as bonds. Investors receive their profits from the regular payments made towards the original loans: »

Citibank took a major role in the business of packaging loan receivables and selling them as securities.

BANKING, FINANCE to help a business apply for a loan by using special market knowledge to provide the right information and to contact the lenders that are most likely to provide the money: »

Costs for their packaging service vary depending on the complexity of the loan being packaged.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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